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Autumn marked by arrivals of new carriers

We greeted the arrivals of three new airlines with the Winter Flight Timetable. Lufthansa, Swiss International Air Lines and Brussels Airlines introduced flights to Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich and Brussels. We welcomed their first flights with celebrations for passengers, the crews and press.

Swiss International Air Lines was the first to broaden the flight network of Ljubljana Airport. The Swiss carier started flying to Zurich daily on October 16. Read more here


The German Lufthansa introduced two daily flights to Frankfurt on October 27 and daily flights to Munich on November 1. Read more here


Brussels Airlines started with six weekly flights between Ljubljana Airport and Brussels on November 4. 

Detailed timetable of all flights from Ljubljana Airport is available here

Photographs: Peter Irman

Zg. Brnik, 29. 11. 2019

Air France celebrates 15 years of daily connections between Ljubljana and Paris

On 15 November 2004, the French and Slovenian capitals became closer than ever, thanks to Air France’s expansion of its flight schedule to Ljubljana Airport fifteen years ago. This winter, the carrier is increasing the number of flights between Ljubljana Airport and Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris from seven to thirteen flights a week.
Fraport Slovenija Managing Director Zmago Skobir marked the occasion by stating: “Air France was one of the first foreign airlines to start flying here after Slovenia’s accession to the EU. The number of flights has remained relatively constant, even during periods of reduced passenger numbers. Fifteen years of business cooperation is proof of a solid and reliable partnership which is continuing to develop. I would like to thank Air France on behalf of Fraport Slovenija and on behalf of the passengers at Ljubljana Airport. The airline not only brings Slovenia closer to Paris, but to the whole world, as due to its excellent network of connecting flights a full third of our passengers continue their journeys from Charles de Gaulle Airport to other global destinations.”

Milan Korbar: First landing of Air France on November 15, 2004
Air France’s first flights to Ljubljana Airport were made in a 50-seat Embraer 145. Passengers were able to fly to Paris on two flights every weekday. However, due to Slovenia’s increasing popularity among French tourists and vice versa, one year later they added a third flight, after which they changed the schedule to from one to two flights daily.
“In 2004, when we established a connection between Ljubljana and Paris, I moved to Slovenia, where we had opened a local branch office. Since then, Air France has connected the two capitals every day without interruption. It’s nice to see that from that time to the present the number of weekly flights has increased from 7 to 13. Paris has never been so close and so accessible to Slovenian passengers. Tickets are available starting at EUR 128, and we also offer excellent connections and affordable tickets to North America – to New York, Los Angeles and Mexico City,” said Ildiko Kiss, Regional Sales Manager for the Air France – KLM Group for Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Montenegro.
The French capital is around 1,250 kilometres from Slovenia, which is more than 12 hours by car but just over two hours by plane. In 2018, Paris was the fourth most popular destination for passengers embarking at Ljubljana Airport, with 102,333 passengers.  Since the demand for both flights to Paris and connecting flights via Charles de Gaulle Airport is high, this winter season Air France is once again increasing its number of flights between the Slovenian and French capitals. The winter schedule, which is in effect as of 27 October, therefore features an additional six flights per week. Air France is once again flying from Ljubljana to Paris twice a day (except on Saturdays) with a 76-seat Embraer 170.

Lufthansa reconnected Ljubljana with Frankfurt

Yesterday, at the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, we celebrated the launch of a connection between Ljubljana and Frankfurt by a new airline, Lufthansa. With the winter timetable, the German airline also presents flights to Munich, thus opening its extensive network of connecting flights from both hubs to Ljubljana Airport passengers. During the winter season, there are a few other additions on offer at Ljubljana Airport - new airlines Swiss International Air Lines and Brussels Airlines, while the other airlines are increasing the volume of flights from Brnik.

The German Lufthansa, a member of the Lufthansa Group and a founding member of the Star Alliance, will operate flights to Frankfurt twice a day - in the morning the flight will depart from Ljubljana Airport at 11:05 and land at Frankfurt at 12:05, and in the afternoon it will depart from Brnik at 18:30 and landed at 19:30 in Frankfurt. Flights to Munich are scheduled every day at 13:00, with landing at 14:00. A more detailed timetable is in the link.

In the photo, representatives of Lufthansa and Fraport Slovenija at the ribbon cutting ceremony (left to right): dr. Bernhard Hauer, Deputy Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Slovenia, Irma Green, Head of Accounts with the Lufthansa Group, Peter Pullem, Senior Sales Manager for Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe with the Lufthansa Group, Janez Krašnja, Head of Airport Services with Fraport Slovenija and Bernhard Wodl, Managing Director for Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe at Lufthansa Group.

Peter Pullem, Senior Sales Manager for Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe with Lufthansa Group commented on the launch of the Lufthansa's Ljubljana-Frankfurt connection: "Ljubljana Airport was cut off from our hubs and many destinations overnight. Lufthansa Group, a leading European airline group, has recognized the great need for connectivity of Slovenia, its inhabitants and the economy with our flight network, so we searched for capacities in a record time and connected Ljubljana Airport with four important European hubs."

The guests and Lufthansa, which landed at Ljubljana Airport for the first time in its 55-year history, were welcomed by mag. Janez Krašnja, Head of Airport Services at Fraport Slovenija, who emphasized: “The connection between Ljubljana and Frankfurt is of high importance for us as we have the largest number of passengers on this route - last year, the domestic airline carried almost 146,000 passengers between Ljubljana and Frankfurt. As many as 70 percent of these passengers are transfers, mostly to European destinations, followed by those with connecting flights to North America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania and South America. Transfer passengers (80 per cent) also represent an important segment with connection with Munich, to which over 86,000 travelled from Brnik last year. Lufthansa will undoubtedly bring the passengers of Ljubljana Airport closer to the world."

We welcomed the new airline with a water salute and symbolically opened the connection by cutting the ribbon. We also surprised the arrival and departure passengers with the cake pops in the colours of the airline.

The winter timetable, that came into force on October 27, 2019, brings a few other new additions. Swiss International Air Lines has started its flight to Zurich on October 16, and on November 4 we will welcome a third new carrier - Brussels Airlines with flights to Brussels. Existing carriers are significantly increasing the volume of flights from Brnik in the winter season.

Air France will double flights to Paris - instead of flying to the French capital six times a week, it will fly twice a day (except Saturdays) - Polish carrier LOT Polish Airlines will fly to Warsaw eight times a week instead of seven times. Air Serbia has introduced new flights to Niš during the summer and will intensify its Belgrade connection during the winter with 17 flights a week instead of 11. They will also connect Ljubljana with Skopje, Tirana, Sarajevo and Sofia via the Serbian capital. Passengers with Montenegro Airlines will be able to fly to Podgorica six times a week instead of four times. Aeroflot will strengthen its connection to Moscow using larger aircraft. During the winter timetable, passengers will also have the following connections available from Ljubljana Airport: Turkish Airlines to Istanbul, easyJet to London Gatwick and London Stansted and Berlin, Transavia to Amsterdam and Wizzair to Brussels. Details of the winter timetable are available here.

Photos by Peter Irman

The arrival of new, strategically important airlines, the rapid reestablishment of connections to major business centres and airport hubs, as well as the significant strengthening of connections and capabilities of other airlines confirm our prediction that Slovenia's visibility in foreign markets is increasing, that both Slovenia and Ljubljana Airport are commercially attractive for new connections and new airlines and that traffic growth will continue in the future. Therefore, over the next five years, Fraport Slovenia will invest more than EUR 40 million in investments, most of which will be aimed at upgrading the airport infrastructure and increasing its capacities, while also striving to further expand the network of flights and improve the connectivity of the Ljubljana airport.

Zg. Brnik, October 29, 2019

Connection to Zurich re-established


Today we welcomed the first flight of Swiss International Air Lines, a member of the Lufthansa Group and Star Alliance, from Zurich, Switzerland, at the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport.

The Swiss airline significantly complements the offer of scheduled flights from Ljubljana Airport. From its hubs in Zurich and Geneva, it operates flights to more than 100 destinations in 44 countries worldwide. From today, their global flight network is again accessible to Slovenian passengers.

Flights between Ljubljana Airport and Zurich hub are being established shortly before the winter timetable. Swiss International Air Lines will initially fly to Ljubljana Airport five times a week, and will extend its schedule to daily flights with the winter timetable (from October 27 onwards). Passengers will fly to Zurich fly Embraer 190 and Airbus A220 aircraft.

Departing time from Ljubljana Airport is scheduled every day at 14:50, with landing in Zurich at 16:05. A more detailed timetable is available here.

Mag. Janez Krašnja, Head of Airline management at Fraport Slovenia, commented on the new connection with the following words: “History is repeating itself, as Swiss International Air Lines already entered our market once as a harbinger of positive change. I'm glad this airline has responded so quickly to the needs of the market. I am convinced that the airline with an attractive network of flights will attract many business and tourist travelers for final trips to Switzerland and for further trips to destinations in the Swiss' network. I think the connections with North America will be particularly interesting."

We welcomed the new carrier with a traditional water salute and symbolically opened the airline by cutting the ribbon. First passengers were also greeted on arrival and departure with cake pops in Swiss colors.

Swiss International Air Lines is the successor to the former Swissair, which in the past, from 1989 to 2003, already was a long-standing and reliable partner of Aerodrom Ljubljana (now Fraport Slovenija). Swiss also flew from Zurich to Ljubljana for a short time in 2015 and was also a code-share partner of the former Adria Airways. Swissair was the first foreign airline to reintroduce scheduled flights to Slovenia after the declaration of Slovenian independence, the unrest in the former Yugoslavia and the consequent closure of airspace. It turned out that Swissair was the forerunner of future positive changes, soon followed by other companies.

All photos by Peter Irman

Zg. Brnik, 16. oktober 2019

New additions in the Winter Timetable from Ljubljana Airport

In the Winter Timetable 2019/2020, that will come into force October 27, 2019, three new airlines have announced their operations from Ljubljana Airport - Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines and SWISS will reintroduce four of Adria Airways connections. The current carriers will substantially strengthen their flights from Brnik in the Winter Season. Even though the Winter Timetable is still to be finalized and will be published right before the end of October, we can already share some new additions to it.

The Lufthansa Group Airlines recently announced it will be connecting the Zurich, Brussels, Munich and Frankfurt hubs with Ljubljana Airport. SWISS will be the first to establish new flights to Zurich starting on October 16, Lufthansa will start operating flights to Frankfurt on October 27, and to Munich on November 1. Brussels Airlines will follow with flights to Brussels on November 4. Travelers from Slovenia will be able to benefit from Lufthansa Group's worldwide network. All connections are now available for booking, you can read more here.

Air France will double its flights to Paris – instead of six weekly flights they will fly to the French capital twice daily (except Saturdays) and they will often also operate their flights with bigger aircrafts (Embraer E190 or E195 instead of E170).

LOT Polish Airlines will fly to Warsaw eight times instead of seven times weekly and is already responding to bigger flying demand on its connection by operating it with bigger aircrafts (including Boeing B737).

Air Serbia has introduced new flights to Niš already in the Summer and they will strengthen their connection to Belgrade from 11 to 17 weekly flights. The carrier will also connect Ljubljana through the Serbian capital to Skopje, Tirana, Sarajevo and Sofia. They are operating their flights with bigger aircrafts (Airbus A319 instead of ATR) from time to time as well, to meet higher demand.

Passengers will be able to fly to Podgorica with Montenegro Airlines six times a week instead of four. Aeroflot will strengthen its connection to Moscow by operating bigger aircrafts – they will offer 140 seats per flight with Airbuses A320 (instead of 90 seats with Sukhoi).

In the Winter Timetable passengers will be able to continue to fly with the following airlines to next destinations: Turkish Airlines to Istanbul, easyJet to London Gatwick, London Stansted and Berlin and with Transavia to Amsterdam.

We will report on our channels about other possible additions for the Winter Season as soon as new information becomes available.

The number of passengers traveling through Ljubljana Airport increased by 7.7% last year and by 3.7% in the first eight months of this year.

We strongly believe in the continued growth of traffic at our airport, thus we are investing in modernization of airport infrastructure and increasing our capacities. In five years, Fraport Slovenia will invest more than € 40 million in investments, half of which will be invested in a new passenger terminal, that will enhance the standard for passengers. 

Zg. Brnik, 8. 10. 2019

Brussels Airlines with flights to Brussels from November on

Brussels Airlines will be establishing flights to Ljubljana Airport as of November 4. The Belgian airline has announced today it will be operating flights between Brussels Airport and Ljubljana Airport 6 times weekly, to respond to leisure and business demand between the two EU capitals. Flight tickets are already available for purchase. 

As of November 4th, Brussels Airlines will offer 6 flights per week on the route. The flight schedule allows for connections with the rest of the Brussels Airlines network via Brussels Airport. Important connections are mainly Berlin, Copenhagen, Lisbon, London Heathrow, Madrid, Oslo and Tel Aviv. The carrier is connecting Brussels to more than 100 destinations in the world – apart from Europe, they fly also to Africa, North America and Tel Aviv.

Flight schedule (in local times)

Flight Number Days of the week From Departure To Arrival
SN3343 12345-7 Brussels 15:30 Ljubljana 17:10
SN3344 12345-7 Ljubljana 17:55 Brussels 19:45

The airline will operate 141-seated Airbus A319 on the route. Tickets are available on and via travel agencies as from October 2.

Zmago Skobir, managing director of Fraport Slovenija has welcomed the announcement of the carrier with the following words: “We are very happy that Brussels Airlines has reacted so quickly to the needs of the market after Adria Airways’ cease of operations. I am confident, that the Belgian airline will attract many business and leisure passengers here with its extensive flight network. We hope this will show in high load factors already at beginning and the airline will consider additional frequencies in the future.”

Zg. Brnik, 1. 10. 2019

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