Slovenian natural spas - The source of vitality

Natural therapeutic effects of thermal water, beneficial effects of sea and mountain climate with aerosols, brine and salt-pan mud, therapeutic peloids and peat are all gifts that the Slovenian nature was generous with, and that becamebasis for activity for 15 Slovenian natural spas.

Slovenian spas have a great selection of possible ways to spend the vacation, long weekend, just a day or two or even for a couple of hours whether if it’s for young, the old, families or couples. With the wide selection of saunas and massages, health and care programs, Slovenian spas have many special offers with different climatic characteristics- considering they are situated in the different regions of Slovenia, from the sea to the hills of Dolenje and Sava river basin, from Savinjsko-Sotelska valley to the pannonian plains. You will have a colorful selection of health, relaxation, recreation and past-time programs through all the seasons in 15 Slovenian natural spas.

Natural Spas
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