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Fraport Slovenija again recognised as a reputable employer

Fraport Slovenija has once again this year received a “Reputable Employer” award from the employment website As well as being recognised as one of the ten most reputable employers in Slovenia, we have also received an award as the most reputable employer in the field of transport, delivery and logistics. The site conducted its seventh in-depth survey of the most reputable Slovenian employers. More than 10,000 jobseekers took part in the survey, rating the reputation of Slovenian companies on the labour market according to a variety of criteria. This is the fifth time that Fraport Slovenija has received the accolade – recognition of the efforts the company invests in its image on the market. The award was received on behalf of Fraport Slovenija by Špela Uršič, head of the HR and training department.

“We are delighted and proud to have been recognised as a reputable employer for the fifth time overall and the third year in a row. For us this is a new, further milestone in our constant efforts to forge good relations with our employees and, at the same time, an incentive to continue in the same vein. Our employees are the motor, the heart, of our enterprise. The 20% growth in traffic seen this year, which is the highest in the region, would not have been possible if our staff had not been willing and able to shift the boundaries continuously and to establish new targets,” said general manager Zmago Skobir, adding: “We require the best possible knowledge, experience and stamina for this level of success and for the high-quality services we provide, as well as bold, innovative thinking. To be a reputable employer in the eyes of jobseekers makes our recruitment efforts easier. We therefore see this title as a strategic advantage.”

The survey named Krka as the most reputable employer in the country, with the rest of the top ten, including Fraport Sloenija, comprising, in alphabetical order: Adria Airways, d.d., Akrapovič, d.d., Banka Intesa Sanpaolo, d.d., Banka Slovenije, Bayer, d.o.o., IBM Slovenija, d.o.o., Lek, d.d., Microsoft, d.o.o.

Award for Best Annual Report on Sustainable Development

Fraport Slovenia received the award for the best annual report in the field of sustainable development at the 18th Business and Financial Reporting Competitions organized by the Finance newspaper. Award was received yesterday by the Managing Director of Fraport Slovenija Zmago Skobir and Primož Primožič, environmental expert and responsible for the project of preparation of the report.
The competition is a platform for the highest standards in the preparation of annual reports. The reports are evaluated by an independent commission, each report being evaluated with points by field of content of the report and from a communications point of view. The award is certainly an acknowledgment to all those who participated in the report, and above all to the efforts of Fraport Slovenija in the field of sustainable development.

"The top management is responsible for the adoption of sustainability strategy and its programme. All employees are engaged in the implementation of the sustainability programme, in accordance with our powers and responsibilities we have, while the report is prepared by the responsible for individual areas, together with employees, project groups and committees. Sustainability and social responsibility are definitely becoming an important pillar of the development of Fraport Slovenia and we are pleased and proud that our efforts are recognized in the form of such awards," said Zmago Skobir.

The 2016 Report is our second such report, and it depicts the continuation of the existing sustainable practices and it presents some new ones which were introduced in 2016. It sets out, in a systematic and transparent way, all the efforts we are making towards ensuring sustainable development.

2016 Sustainability report [click on cover] 

The Sustainability Report also contains a basic company profile, a description of the company’s business operations and future development, a presentation of the principles of sustainable communication, details of specific projects that demonstrate the company’s sustainable approach towards its employees, passengers, visitors, business partners, suppliers and the environment, and our activities relating to social responsibility.

Road construction - possible traffic congestions on the way to the airport

Dear passengers traveling to Ljubljana airport, we are informing you that the road past the airport is under construction due to the works on the gas pipeline and on the new bypass road. The construction with occasional road closures  will last for another month. We suggest that at this time, due to possible congestions, you leave for the airport early. Thank you for your understanding and please take into account the temporary traffic signalization.

Growth in traffic continues with record September figures

The pronounced growth in traffic at the airport has continued into the second half of the year. In the first nine months of this year, traffic was 20.4% up on the same period last year; the number of aircraft movements also increased by 11.4% and total freight transport rose by 16.5%. We may recall that traffic increased by 20.8% and aircraft movements by 11.9% in the first half of this yearin comparison with the first six months of 2016. In the first eight months of the year, the Ljubljana airport, in comparison with the same period last year, had the highest increase in traffic in comparison with other airports in the region with a good 20%. Zagreb airport is second with 11 percent, followed by Trieste (10 percent), Klagenfurt and Graz.

The second half of the year therefore began positively, with traffic increasing by 18.9% in August and September. While we exceeded one million passengers in the middle of August, we should make particular mention of September, a month in which two new records were set for the airport. That month saw the highest monthly passenger figures, outstripping all previous Septembers (at 180,380, the figure was around 30,000 more than last September), and Sunday 17 September was a record day for the number of passengers passing through the airport: 8,372.

That the record was broken on that particular day was, of course, no accident, as it was the day the Slovenian basketball team won the European championships in Istanbul. In addition to the regular Sunday traffic, we hosted 11 additional aircraft, with almost 2,000 passengers, all of them travelling to watch the game.

Of the first nine months of this year, the highest monthly growth in traffic was recorded in April (31.5%) and the highest number of passengers in July, with 198,138 passengers passing through the airport in that month. The creation of a new Ljubljana–Amsterdam route by low-cost carrier Transavia contributed to April’s growth figures, while July’s figures were the result of the high season and of charters, which this year flew to 23 destinations. We expect growth to steady somewhat by the end of the year.

Golden team at the Airport

September was one of the liveliest months of the year, as two new records were set. We had our largest-ever number of passengers for the month of September, and recorded the highest daily number of passengers in the airport’s history. But notwithstanding these records, of which all of us at the airport are very proud, we will remember the ninth month of 2017 for the gold medals won by our national basketball team in convincing style at EuroBasket in Istanbul.

Photo: FIBA

Our part of the story began back on 28 August, when the entire national team flew from Ljubljana to Helsinki. The team members were relaxed and happy upon their departure, and their eyes were shining. It was as if they already knew what they could accomplish.

We can assure you that the entire airport breathed as one with the national team throughout the tournament. Our employees’ excitement grew with every game, and the atmosphere at the airport was livelier every day – not least on account of the fans, who were deciding to go to Turkey to support the team in increasing numbers. Some airport employees went to the championships and cheered for our squad throughout the tournament – and they played a very significant role. Edo Golob and Gregor Zakotnik are undoubtedly among the loudest supporters of our basketball team, as they brought a large drum to the games and gave extra encouragement and energy to both the players and the fans.

The atmosphere at the airport grew exponentially after the quarter-final victory over Latvia, since air carriers had to add additional flights in order to bring the throngs of fans to Istanbul. After the victory over Spain the airport became an air base for fans, full of boisterous supporters and tired but proud and happy airport employees. These employees made it possible for 2,000 fans to go support their team on Sunday alone. Eleven flights to Turkey were added to the regular Sunday schedule, with the largest of them, a Boeing 777-300, carrying 332 noisy fans!

The proud cheering for #mojtim (my team) paid off in spades, but immediately after the victory we started making plans for the following day, when we would have to bring both the fans and the champions back home. Despite the fact that the official reception was held on Congress Square in Ljubljana, around two thousand people came to the airport to greet Gogi, Luka, Klemen and the rest of the champions. The atmosphere was indescribable, and the joy and pride could be felt everywhere. The champions were greeted by young and old, there were autographs and selfies, as well as photo ops and interviews. But we will always remember the broad smiles on the faces of both the players and the fans, who had breathed as one through every moment – breathed as one nation, Slovenia!

2016 Sustainability Report

As part of the aviation industry, Fraport Slovenija is well aware that its active role in ensuring the public interest of safe, regular and undisturbed air transport carries with it an impact on the environment in economic, social and environmental protection terms. We therefore plan our company operations and development in a way that promotes the development of our immediate and wider surroundings and, at the same time, brings with it as few adverse effects as possible. Part of our commitment to sustainability is the annual sustainability report, which sets out, in a systematic and transparent way, all the efforts we are making towards ensuring sustainable development. The report outlines the progress made in our existing sustainability practices, alongside those which we first introduced in 2016.

2016 Sustainability report [click on cover] 

The report has been drawn up in line with the GRI-4 guidelines. The number of projects yielding positive results demonstrates that sustainability is an integral part of everyday operations at Fraport Slovenija. New projects include the introduction of electric car-sharing for employee business travel, the planting of an anti-noise barrier, and improvements in the quality of services etc. In collaboration with the Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure, and in order to make further noise emission reductions, we have planted an anti-noise barrier in the area between the airport and the town of Šenčur. This will protect the town from the noise produced by the airport, particularly by aircraft operations in manoeuvring areas. As regards mobility, through partner cooperation we have introduced zero-emission electric car-sharing to link the capital with airport infrastructure and the world beyond. Another positive aspect of this project is the use of 100% renewable energy sources for electric vehicle charging stations, providing a further boost to the combination of electric mobility and vehicle-sharing.

In 2016 we successfully renewed our Level 2 Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) certificate for the second time; the ACA is a scheme that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at European airports. Last year our CO2 emissions fell by 2.6% in absolute terms on the average over the previous three years (2013–2015). Taking passenger numbers and cargo tonnage into account, emissions per individual passenger and per 100 kg of cargo in 2016 were down 5.1% and 8.8% respectively on the 2013–2015 average. We also successfully renewed our certification for the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system and the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, which confirms the high quality of our services, our focus on continual improvement and the effectiveness of our operations. Our environmental efforts also brought us the 2016 Environmental Award from the Finance newspaper.

Fraport Slovenija invests a great deal in education and training, and is an employer that places diligence and safety to the fore. In 2016 we set up the Fraport Aviation Academy. This new education and training centre will offer a wide range of training options in crisis prevention and management, thereby helping to improve employees’ skills and qualifications at airports around the world and ensuring that aviation is safer than ever before. Through a variety of measures we are constantly engaged in ensuring the well being of our staff and their families; our efforts have been rewarded with a full Family-Friendly Company certificate, enabling us to join other companies committed to ensuring a better work–life balance and even greater social responsibility. For the fourth time and for the second year running we received a Reputable Employer award – a further confirmation of our stable reputation as a desirable company in which to work.

The Sustainability Report also contains a basic company profile, a description of the company’s business operations and future development, a presentation of the principles of sustainable communication, details of specific projects that demonstrate the company’s sustainable approach towards its employees, passengers, visitors, business partners, suppliers and the environment, and our activities relating to social responsibility.

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