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Pasenger notification: African swine fever

The Food Safety, Veterinary and Plant Protection Administration of the Republic of Slovenia issued a warning that in the EU Member States and neighboring countries, domestic and wild pigs are threatened with a serious infectious disease, African swine fever. The administration therefore advises and asks to discard food residues only in closed bins.

Adria celebrates the launch of seven new destinations

The advent of the summer timetable and the announcement of seven new destinations was marked by Adria Airways on Sunday, 25 March with the launch of a new route to the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. To celebrate the first flight, passengers and guests heard speeches by Peter Gašperšič, the infrastructure minister, Holger Kowarsch, the director of Adria Airways, and Zmago Skobir, the managing director of Fraport Slovenija.

Mr Gašperšič took the opportunity to say: “At the Ministry of Infrastructure we are creating new opportunities for airlines through new air transport agreements that provide the basis for launching scheduled air services. These agreements not only allow for the launch of scheduled services, they make it possible for airlines to reach commercial agreements such as code-sharing arrangements. The most recent bilateral agreements that we have signed are with the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, and with China. Good connections between Slovenia and the rest of the world are of key importance for the economy, particularly for tourism. Although Adria is no longer Slovenian-owned, we still consider it our flag carrier, and its success is therefore very important to us.”

President Borut Pahor also made use of the new service at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, by taking a delegation to a working meeting in Sofia. The Slovenian airline’s aircraft and its important guests on board were given a water salute on their departure, while their arrival in Sofia was accompanied by the national guard and full state formalities.

A Ljubljana to Bucharest service launched this week, and April will see the introduction of services between Ljubljana and Hamburg (starting on 1 April). Passengers will be also able to fly to Düsseldorf for the first time and to Dubrovnik from 26 April and 27 April respectively. Flights from Ljubljana to the last of the seven new destinations, the Croatian island of Brač, will begin on 28 April, and three new aircraft will be added to the fleet.


Provisional summer flight schedule released

The summer flight schedule will become effective on Sunday. Between 25 March and 27 October 2018, passengers will be able to enjoy regular flights from Ljubljana Airport to 34 destinations in 23 countries. The new flight schedule sees the introduction of eight new air routes, an increased number of flights on existing routes, and more charter flights than last year.

The schedule of regular flights from Ljubljana Airport has grown this year. Eight new routes have been added. Adria Airways is planning to establish new routes to Geneva (three times a week), Hamburg (four times a week), Düsseldorf (four times a week), Sofia (three times a week), Bucharest (four times a week), Dubrovnik (twice a week) and Brač (twice a week). And in August, EasyJet will introduce a new regular flight to Berlin. Flights to the German capital will be available three times a week.

Three airlines have also announced increased flight frequencies on existing routes. Adria Airways will increase its number of flights to Paris (from seven to ten per week), Podgorica (from seven to eleven per week), Copenhagen (from five to seven per week) and Prague (from four to five per week). It has also announced an increased number of flights to Skopje, Pristina and Tirana. Transavia will also be increasing its number of flights. The Dutch airline will offer flights to Amsterdam five times a week (except in July and August). The Polish airline LOT also announced an additional weekly flight.

Increased charter flights will also contribute to the growth in air traffic during the summer. The current forecast indicates an 11% increase over last year.

The summer flight schedule can be viewed here. The flight schedule is provisional and subject to modifications. Owing to the possibility of seasonal or operational changes, we request that upon making your reservations you check the precise flight times with your airline.

Passengers announcement - road blockage due to construction

On Tuesday night, March 28, 2018, untill Wednesday morning, depending on weather conditions, a full blockage of the A2 motorway between the Kranj vzhod and Brnik exits is planned in both directions, due to the installation of the the cycling route overpass support structure. The bypass will be arranged for all vehicles via the Brnik and Kranj East connections. Traffic during a time of complete blockage will be diverted through Šenčur.

The estimated time of the blockage depends on the weather conditions, therefore we advise all assengers to contact the following info points before they leave for the trip: website,
- Call 1970 operator (number is not free) or answering machine 080 22 44 at Traffic Information Center,
DarsPromet+ mobile app,
- Social media (@promet_si@dars_si in,
- Traffic information of radio stations.






World Poetry Day at the airport

The 21st day of March is World Poetry Day, and this year it was especially honoured at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. On that day the international terminal hosted Daljave (the Distance), an audio poetry event that was transmitted live on radio, in collaboration with Radio Slovenija 3, the Slovene Writers’ Association and the Gallery of Prešeren Prizewinners in Kranj.

Passengers at check-in counters, at departure gates in the terminal and in baggage claim were surprised with interpretations of poems by Slovenian poets, augmented with sound effects originating from the airport environment. The poems were performed by actors or by the authors themselves. In the afternoon the international terminal hosted a one-hour live broadcast where poems were performed by Darja Hlavka Godina, Nika Rozman, Nataša Živković, Branko Zorman, Eva Longyka Marušič and Tina Kozin, and by poets Miroslav Košuta, Maja Vidmar and Iztok Geister.

The Radio Slovenija 3 poetry event was the brainchild of Tina Kozin and Saška Rakef, and came out of Dotiki Daljav (Touching the distance), a collection of poems issued at Fraport Slovenija together with the Gallery of Prešeren Prizewinners, which was also handed out to passengers on the day.

The event was of great interest to passengers, who were able to follow it live while waiting for their flights. The airport is a great supporter of cultural projects, but events of this type, and indeed arts events of any type, are a rarity in the closed part of the terminal. Daljave, where poetry became part of the airport’s everyday existence and airport sounds became part of the poetry, was thus a particularly fascinating experience.

The main event can be seen or heard at the following links:

Zvočni posnetek

Video posnetek

Fraport Slovenija's employees honoured by a Civil Protection Recognition Award

On Thursday, 1 March 2018, a central ceremony for Civil Protection Day was held at Brdo pri Kranju, where Civil Protection Recognition Awards were given to individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the system of protection against natural and other disasters. Recognition awards were given to 358 individuals and organizations, including two of Fraport Slovenija employees – ARFF Commander Milan Dubravac, and Boštjan Turk.

Milan Dubravac received a Civil Protection Plaquette for his outstanding long-term work in the area of protection and rescue. The award was given as recognition of his life-long contribution, special credits and outstanding commitment to the protection and rescue of people, animals, property and cultural heritage, and in the protection of the environment in natural and other disasters.

A Silver Civil Protection Recognition Award was given to Boštjan Turk, for his exceptional work in operational firefighting.


New Airport User Regulations

We inform our users that the airport operator Fraport Slovenija, d.o.o. has accepted new Airport User Regulations. The document will enter into force on January 31, 2018 and is published on our webpage under navigation link Documents. All major changes are indicated in the document with yellow colour. We kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with them.

In case of questions, you can contact our Safety & Security department.

Slovenian torch at the airport

There are only a few days to go before the Winter Olympics start, and our thoughts are already turning to Korea. Airport staff are impatiently waiting for the Games to kick off, pulses quickening in anticipation of the triumph or disappointment that awaits the Slovenian competitors. The Slovenian torch has criss-crossed Slovenia and more than fulfilled its mission. Now, it is our great honour to host the torch, which will stay lit at the airport until the end of the Games.

Today the Slovenian torch was handed to Fraport Slovenija’s managing director Zmago Skobir by one of Slovenia’s finest ice hockey players, Tomaž Razingar, in the company of Olympic cross-country skier Jože Klemenčič, who competed in the Games way back in Sarajevo in 1984. Mr Skobir had this to say: “I am delighted and very proud to host the Slovenian torch here at our airport for the duration of the Games. This is where our athletes and their support staff and fans will begin their journey to Korea. Among our employees are a large number of loyal fans of Slovenia’s winter athletes, so to be the last point of contact when the athletes leave for competition and their first point of contact when they return home is a very special honour – especially if they come back with a medal or two, when the entire airport will brim with pride and give them the welcome they deserve.”

Ljubljana airport is a Gold Partner of the Slovenian Olympic Committee, and this is also one of the reasons why we have decked it out in the Olympic rings. In addition to the torch, we have also put together a book of wishes, where travellers and airport visitors can enter their wishes and support our sporting heroes as they fly from Brnik to far-off Korea. Tomorrow will also see the opening of an exhibition of items from the public Olympic poster and torch design competition, which was organised last year by the Slovenian Olympic Committee (Association of Sports Federations), in cooperation with the Europlakat company. During the Games, travellers will also be able to have their picture taken next to the torch, and publish the photographs on the airport’s social media pages under the #slovenska bakla hashtag.

easyJet now connects Ljubljana to Berlin Tegel

easyJet, Europe’s leading airline, has announced today the launch of a new direct service from Ljubljana to Berlin Tegel. Slovenian travellers can now use easyJet to connect with Germany’s largest city, with fares starting from as little as EUR 20.37*.

This summer route will operate three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, starting from 09 August 2018. Flights are now on sale at, on the easyJet mobile app and GDS.

easyJet announced 23 new routes from Berlin Tegel airport and put more than 3.8 million seats on sale for its summer season flights from 25 March to 27 October 2018. easyJet now offers the leading route network from Berlin with a total of 95 destinations from Tegel and Schönefeld airports combined, delivering great value for business and leisure passengers alike.

* Fare per person including admin fee and credit card fees, one way, based on two people travelling on the same booking.

Thomas Haagensen, Managing Director easyJet Europe said:
“I’m delighted to announce a new direct service from Ljubljana to Berlin today as part of our expansion at Berlin Tegel airport. The route has been unserved for a few months so we’re really happy to connect the two capitals again. Berlin Tegel is easyJet’s third destination from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, in addition to our existing services to London Gatwick and London Stansted. easyJet’s new Berlin Tegel base offers a quick access to Berlin’s city centre, making it the perfect starting point to explore Germany’s capital city for both tourists and business travellers alike.”

Zmago Skobir, Managing Director Fraport Slovenija said:
"Fraport Slovenija welcomes easyJet's decision to establish a regular connection between the Slovenian and German capital. This follows the strategy of developing the airline network of Ljubljana Airport with as many direct flights as possible to various destinations. Considering that Germany is Slovenia's largest trading partner, we are convinced that this and all the following connections of our airport with German cities will be successful and that it will also significantly contribute to the further growth of the number of German tourists in Slovenia."

A new bypass road is open

At 11 am today, the Minister of Infrastructure, Dr. Peter Gašperšič, together with the Minister of Economic Development and Technology Zdravko Počivalšek, the Mayor of the Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem Franc Čebulj, and the Managing Director of the company Fraport Slovenija, Zmago Skobir, officially opened and put into service the new Kranj – Spodnji Brnik road at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. In the opinion of line Minister Gašperšič, this successfully concluded and technically challenging project is a fine example of modern infrastructure needed by the dynamic Slovenian economy and demanded by the modern society in which we live.

The purpose of the investment in the main Kranj – Spodnji Brnik road was to facilitate the airport’s development through its urgently needed expansion, and provide traffic safety and better access to the airport. The investment covered the construction of a new main road with roundabouts, diversion of the local road to Cerklje, appropriate arrangement of the service road for transport links to all areas of the airport complex and arrangement of the area of the junction to the military part of the airport. In view of the planned provision of long-distance cycle paths, a separate cycle lane has also been created along the length of the shifted main road. The overall cost of the project is EUR 5.5 million. Of this, the Slovenian Infrastructure Directorate as the investor covered costs of EUR 4.125 million, with funds amounting to EUR 1.212 million coming from Fraport Slovenija and the Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem contributing EUR 0.163 million. Construction of the road began in the middle of 2016 and was completed as planned at the end of 2017.

Infrastructure Minister Dr. Peter Gašperšič underlined in his address at the official opening ceremony that this completed section of road is extremely important both for the airport and for the country and municipality.  Three roundabouts will offer faster access to the passenger and cargo terminals and to other sections of the airport, along with improved traffic flow and safety, and a cycle lane has also been installed along the length of the newly constructed bypass. Zmago Skobir, Managing Director of Fraport Slovenija, added that after a record year in 2017 and the opening of the new road link, in line with the new strategy the company will be able to develop the range of commercial activities within the airport complex, while at the same time it can ensure greater passenger and customer satisfaction by investing in the new passenger terminal and development of cargo transport.

“One of the priorities of the government of Miro Cerar is to create a stable business environment and a high level of competitiveness in the international arena. I am proud that by pooling our energies with the Ministry of Infrastructure we have found a way towards the accelerated and sustainable development of our main airport. Development of the airport will contribute to the further growth of tourism, where this year we have broken records: 4.5 million tourists, 12 million overnights, EUR 2.5 billion in revenue. And 13 percent of our GDP comes precisely from tourism. We are distinguished by knowledge, and on that basis, work performed to a high standard. For this reason, too, foreign investments in Slovenia are gaining strength. The task of all of us is to strengthen sustainable growth of the economy for the wellbeing and advancement of the entire country," said Zdravko Počivalšek. The new road section, with its easing of traffic and envisaged cycle lane will of course be a major acquisition for the municipality. “The new road section serves to fulfil the long-term plans of traffic regulation that are the precondition for further development of the airport, and in this way also the development of our entire municipality,” underlined the Mayor of Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Franc Čebulj.

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