Biking in Slovenia: On roads, off roads

Slovenia's exceptionally diverse landscape, with its countless sites of natural beauty, both strikingly evident and more subtly concealed, make it an ideal choice for biking holidays.

Every biker can find a route that suits. You can never be bored on a bike in Slovenia. The influence of the Mediterranean climate means that biking can be enjoyed almost throughout the entire year. The exception is the Alps, which are a wonderful attraction in the summer, when overheating bikers can cool off.

There are plenty of roads suitable for biking in Slovenia, with little traffic. If you take a road that has heavier traffic, it is better to ride closer to the kerb than in the middle of the lane. Helmets must be worn by children aged 14 and under, but they are a good idea for everybody. In Slovenia the majority of bikers wear helmets. There are tracks and macadam roads across upland regions that are ideal for mountain biking, and in some places you can ride single forest trails designed specifically for biking. Biking is generally not allowed on forest trails and mountain trails that are footpaths.

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