The Land of Celje - The Rainbow of Enjoyment!

There is a green land, a land of pristine nature and friendly people. If you are seeking pleasure, rejuvenation, and above all, exciting moments and unforgettable experiences, then you are on the right track. They say treasures can be found at the end of the rainbow. This is where the Land of Celje lies.

When you feel that you need to relax and get away from the crazy pace of everyday life, visit the Land of Celje. The touch of eternity, conjured up by culture and art, will follow you every step of the way and lead you through different periods, from the Antiquity via the Middle Ages to the modern times.

Despite its relatively small surface area, the Land of Celje has for centuries offered a wealth of options aimed towards good health and general wellbeing. Today, the rich experience in the field of thermal water therapy is reflected in the modern offer of wellness and health tourism services provided by the many thermal health and spa resorts, some of which boast a tradition dating back to Roman times.

Start your summer day in a dynamic way by riding a bicycle, hiking or taking a trip in a hot-air balloon over the picturesque and idyllic Land of Celje, which proposes numerous activities to suit the tastes and preferences of its visitors. Fresh air, a varied countryside and countless attractive offerings – this is truly the ideal choice for your holiday.

Do you need freshly milled flour? The mills around here are still operational! Home-made cheeses and spreads, pastries, warm bread, hops brandy, beer and hop picker's snacks – all this goodness will pamper you and keep you among us for longer than you initially planned.

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